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Ep. 10 - Misto LIN

WHAT'S UP, BRO can handle the truth!

Nery and Mike tear apart a party-sized bag of Peanut M&Ms, Nery's Last drunken experience, Mike's long-lost sex tape, older women, Nery's CD recording experience, Jeremy Lin's meteoric rise, breaking down racial slurs, pigs on a cop car, being Man-Children, dating at work, Mike takes a bathroom break, ANOTHER Rocky Balboa speech, awesome old people, Mike's obligatory Glee-drop, Nery admits Mike isn't a heathen, and Mike finally meets the Jesus-girl.

WHAT'S UP, BRO? is: @NerySaenz@MikeMercadal

Ep. 9 - The Porn Draft & Buffalo Wild Wings

WHAT'S UP, BRO gets down to the nitty-gritty!

Nery and Mike dive in to another episode addressing Whitney Houston, the Mount Rushmore of actors, Nery can't stop interrupting people, The 2012 WUBro PornDraft, the obligatory Back-In-My-Day segment, brother fights, Mike's Skyrim update, what we're watching on TV, and Nery's continuing grudge with Buffalo Wild Wings!

WHAT'S UP, BRO? is: @NerySaenz@MikeMercadal

Ep. 8 - What’s a Zangief?!

We're getting personal on WHAT'S UP, BRO!

Nery and Mike get into it and discuss genital injuries, hack jokes during Sex Ed, religious school sex exemptions, first date issues & strategies, dating a lesbian, Super Bowl XLVI, and we finally address our undying love for video games!

Big News!! We are announcing The WUBro 2012 Inaugural PornStar Draft! Stay tuned to #WUBro on twitter for details!!

WHAT'S UP, BRO? is: @NerySaenz@MikeMercadal

Ep. 7 - Lisa Corrao

WHAT'S UP, BRO welcomes the lovely LISA CORRAO!!

Nery, Mike, and Lisa discuss saying offensive things in the cleanest way, the two Lisas, the worst corporate gig ever, nervous fidgiting, Lisa's Rock run-in, celebrity exemptions, and the best/worst gynocologist ever.

Be sure to follow Lisa on Twitter! @LisaCorrao

WHAT'S UP, BRO? is: @NerySaenz / @MikeMercadal

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