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Ep. 14 - Peyton Manning

WHAT'S UP, BRO switches up the format!

Nery and Mike discuss the grossest internet clip of the week.... ever.... no, seriously, Nery's NBA 2K12 addiction returns with the vengance, the video game segment is back, the guys finally tap their sports nerdity, Peyton Manning talk snowballs out of control, Mike's hopes for The U, Nery respects Joe Namath, Mike doesn't want to be sacreligious in a video, planning a #WUBro outing, Jennifer Love Hewitt should definitely fall in love with Mike, the Teenage ALIEN Ninja Turtles?!, Powerglove lies, and Mike unleashes righteous comic fury.

WHAT'S UP, BRO? is: @NerySaenz@MikeMercadal

Ep. 13 - Francisco Duran

WHAT'S UP, BRO has a guest! Try to look presentable.

This week, Nery and Mike welcome tardy guest Francisco Duran! Together, we discuss karaoke singing, TV show characters always eat in the same place, Saved by the Bell in minute detail, the tragedy aging Power Rangers, giving to the homeless, Nery's shoplifting technique, Mike's non-prowess at picking up women, acceptable threesome dynamics, strip club theory 101, and Mike blows everyone's mind with his homemade MikeGriddles Sandwich

Follow Francisco on Twitter: @Sisqo305

WHAT'S UP, BRO? is: @NerySaenz@MikeMercadal

Ep. 12 - The Wife

Mrs. WHAT'S UP, BRO joins the frey!

This week, Nery and Mike welcome Nery's wife, Vanessa. We discuss how Mike really feels about fat girls, Nery's baby sneezes (SO FUCKING CUTE), our Mount Rushmore of wrestlers, our movie hipster hits, soundtrack favorites, and Nery tells us all about his NEW drunk story, including throwing water, IVs, and shooting an alien in the head.

WHAT'S UP, BRO? is: @NerySaenz@MikeMercadal

Ep. 11 - Internet Dating & Hoverboards

Be sure to order the WHAT'S UP, BRO Hoverboard!!!*

This week, Nery and Mike break down the Back to the Future Trilogy, the inaccuracy of Star Wars, inside jokes, rich kids with hovercrafts, Nery gets distracted easily, the Pun debate, Mike's love life is ridiculous, the angles, the difference between big and thick, Nery drops knowledge, Miami is a Big small town, and the Mt. Rushmore of Cartoons.

WHAT'S UP, BRO? is: @NerySaenz@MikeMercadal

* Actual product does not exist

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