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Ep. 18 - Debarge is the Pat of Music

Return of the #WUBro!

DON'T CALL IT A COME BACK! In this episode we discuss the guys' planned/unplanned week off, the impending release of Nery's CD, Old School Picks of the week, John Wynn (@TheFunnyAsian) let Nery down, the decontruction of Revenge of the Ninja, Nery wants you to watch this clip: http://youtu.be/mjy68xa7dpA, so you can keep up with the conversation, Mike dips into the anime pool for his #OSP, Nery really wanted his pick to be more make-funable, the guys lose their minds to Debarge, "DON'T FUCK WITH STEVIE B.!", the upcoming #WUBro Superhero photoshoot, going to The AVENGERS in costume, Nery tells a story that @AnthonyJeselnik told him, the Mount Rushmore of Video Games (TOUGHEST MOUNTAIN YET!), Nery apparently invented Marvel vs. Capcom and OOPS Oreos, the power of the Konami Code, watching a TV series from start to finish, the way Nery wants Glee to end, questionable music tastes, and the ultimate baby-making music!

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Ep. 17 - Green Room Session: Brown Rice Comedy Tour

WHAT'S UP, BRO goes behind the scenes at @BrownRiceComedy

A very special #WUBro, recorded backstage at the Miami Improv (@MIAImprov)! We have a few drop in guests: The effervescent Ramon Garcia (@RamonGComedy) and the wise and learned John Wynn (@TheFunnyAsian). We talk babies, Nery hurts himself doing push-ups, Ramon's mixed ethnicity, John Wynn's new webseries, Labor Days (LaborDays.tv), John's AMAZINGLY IN-DEPTH KNOWLEDGE OF Ninja III: The Domination, we remember our grandfathers, Ozzie Guillen is an asshole but does it matter?, the Mt. Rushmore of sitcoms, and Mike HATES Everybody Loves Raymond.

WHAT'S UP, BRO? is: @NerySaenz@MikeMercadal

Ep. 16 - CROSSFIRE & Wrestlemania

You'll get caught up in the.... WHAT'S UP, BRO!!

This week, the guys cover: Mike is the Quagmire of #WUBro, Mail-order brides are a thing, Synthesizer music ruins movies for Mike, Deconstructing Ninja III: The Domination, #WUBro loves Kung-Fu movies, we NEED to do a screening for the Old School Picks, @ErikRuiz1 shows us where to buy The Phantom Tollbooth, Nery shows some love for the WPB crowds at his shows, Mike and Nery's worst jobs and how they cheated them out of productivity, Nery's baby drops in and Nery does his baby voice, weird places to masturbate, foreplay totally counts towards the total time, "WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO?!", and the official WUBro Wrestlemania Recap.

WHAT'S UP, BRO? is: @NerySaenz@MikeMercadal

Ep. 15 - Take Two Part One


After the catastrophic loss of the original Episode 15, the guys elect chose to record again WITH A VENGEANCE! The topics range from Mike's debut on the YouTube Clip of the Week along with his love of Disney music, the DOUCHEBAGGERY that is Ultra and the WMC, the rescue of drunk girls,  the waves of nostalgia talking about the Old School Picks of the Week, the under-appreciated Jeff Goldblum, the remake/reboot debate, "Break me off a piece of that," commercial as culture, Mike's acting aspirations and auditions stories, and Nery may or may not (definitely will) buy a Fleshlight (tm).

WHAT'S UP, BRO? is: @NerySaenz@MikeMercadal

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