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WUBRO 168 - Adult Pizza Party w/ Dennis Howe

Nery is out of town but the rest of the crew goes on. With special guest Dennis Howe, Xander and Steph discuss random topics, old school music and movies, and of course... Pizza. We also go through some homo erotic fantasies as the boys give their "If I was gay, I would totally love..." list of celebrity crushes. Don't forget to check us out on Twitter @WuBroPod email us your questions and comments at WuBroPod@gmail.com, as well connecting with todays show by following @XanderRey, @NotThatSteph and our guest for todays show, @PizzaHowe on the Tweets.

Xander- The Brave little Toaster
Steph- Biker Mice from Mars
Dennis- Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent my Summer Vacation
Honorable Mention: The Indian in the Cupboard.

WUBRO 167 - Patty Mayonaise

  • The group talks dildo fights, safe words, squirters and Stephanie's wedding ring backstory. Xander & Stephanie get Nery to take a personality test at the request of a #WuBronaut. This episode can also been seen in it's entirety on Periscope.       
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    • Nery - Mona Lisa Smile
    • Xander - Best In Show
    • Stephanie - Everything is Fine
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WuBRO RWD - 118 Cake in The Face

  • This week the group is off, but not to worry, they left you with a WuREWIND!! This RWD we go backarrow-10x10.png to when Steph & Xander came back from vacation to find a simple practical joke gone too far. 
ORiginal Show Synopsis (May 26, 2014):
  • This week Xander and Steph are back from assignment in Cancun and Nery's practical joke comes to light. The group discusses Robin Thicke cheating on his stunning wife and Nery recounts the late Patrice O'Neal's message of "loving multiple people". Steph does NOTAGREEarrow-10x10.png. Xander hates the movie "Blindside" and Jennifer Aniston movies. Oh and a gay football player gets drafted.
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    • Nery - Hot to Trot
    • Xander - HardTARGETarrow-10x10.png

What’s Up GEEK 02 - Secret Wars, Pixar and Batman Arkham Knight

This week's WuGEEK episode, the guys talk movie news including Ghostbusters reboot uniforms, Ben Afleck's divorce, Green Lantern casting rumors and Top Gun sequel. Batman Arkham Knight shuts down for PC and Assassin's Creed. The guys catch up on what the Marvel comics line will look like after Secret Wars. 

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