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Ep. 16 - CROSSFIRE & Wrestlemania

April 8, 2012

You'll get caught up in the.... WHAT'S UP, BRO!!

This week, the guys cover: Mike is the Quagmire of #WUBro, Mail-order brides are a thing, Synthesizer music ruins movies for Mike, Deconstructing Ninja III: The Domination, #WUBro loves Kung-Fu movies, we NEED to do a screening for the Old School Picks, @ErikRuiz1 shows us where to buy The Phantom Tollbooth, Nery shows some love for the WPB crowds at his shows, Mike and Nery's worst jobs and how they cheated them out of productivity, Nery's baby drops in and Nery does his baby voice, weird places to masturbate, foreplay totally counts towards the total time, "WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO?!", and the official WUBro Wrestlemania Recap.

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