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Ep. 18 - Debarge is the Pat of Music

April 30, 2012

Return of the #WUBro!

DON'T CALL IT A COME BACK! In this episode we discuss the guys' planned/unplanned week off, the impending release of Nery's CD, Old School Picks of the week, John Wynn (@TheFunnyAsian) let Nery down, the decontruction of Revenge of the Ninja, Nery wants you to watch this clip: http://youtu.be/mjy68xa7dpA, so you can keep up with the conversation, Mike dips into the anime pool for his #OSP, Nery really wanted his pick to be more make-funable, the guys lose their minds to Debarge, "DON'T FUCK WITH STEVIE B.!", the upcoming #WUBro Superhero photoshoot, going to The AVENGERS in costume, Nery tells a story that @AnthonyJeselnik told him, the Mount Rushmore of Video Games (TOUGHEST MOUNTAIN YET!), Nery apparently invented Marvel vs. Capcom and OOPS Oreos, the power of the Konami Code, watching a TV series from start to finish, the way Nery wants Glee to end, questionable music tastes, and the ultimate baby-making music!

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