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WUBRO 168 - Adult Pizza Party w/ Dennis Howe

July 29, 2015

Nery is out of town but the rest of the crew goes on. With special guest Dennis Howe, Xander and Steph discuss random topics, old school music and movies, and of course... Pizza. We also go through some homo erotic fantasies as the boys give their "If I was gay, I would totally love..." list of celebrity crushes. Don't forget to check us out on Twitter @WuBroPod email us your questions and comments at WuBroPod@gmail.com, as well connecting with todays show by following @XanderRey, @NotThatSteph and our guest for todays show, @PizzaHowe on the Tweets.

Xander- The Brave little Toaster
Steph- Biker Mice from Mars
Dennis- Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent my Summer Vacation
Honorable Mention: The Indian in the Cupboard.