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WUBro 27 - When Will Then Be Now

July 4, 2012

WUBRO: Spaceballs Edition

This week, Nery and Mike celebrate our nations independence with conversation about SPACEBALLS, boxing a werewolf, normal Johnny Depp, Facebook birthdays, Mike loves Jet Li movies, Nery wants to be Max Walker, the complete Jean-Claude Van Damme filmography, Dolph Lundgren is a GENIUS, the guys' 1st long Stand-Up set, Nery's OFFICIAL CD recording on August 25th (checkout havenotscomedy.com to sign up for tickets), the TomKat divorce through the eyes of Twitter, Is there a bad Tom Cruise movie?, and Mike's Overrated/Underrated hits a litle close to home for Nery.

Old-School Picks

  • Nery - No Holds BarredTIMECOP!
  • Mike - Nick Of Time

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