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WUBro 29 - Comic-Con Montage

July 17, 2012

WHAT'S UP BRO tries to stick to the script!

This week, Nery and Mike discuss meeting the fans, WUBRO is something to catch up with(!), the Old-School Picks (NOW WITH LISTENER PICK!), how to get out of fights, The Mt. Rushmore of Stephen King Movies, the Mt. Rushmore of Board Games, Lexx is psychic, USE THE F*CKING GIFTCARD, the San Diego Comic-Con review, MONTAGE, guest spot by Baby Giggles, and Nery tries to find time to play The Amazing Spider-Man Game.

Old-School Picks

  • Nery - Big Trouble in Little China
  • Mike - Needful Things
  • Fan Pick - Little Shop of Horrors

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